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One of the most popular and renowned POS products include a poster or display. Often the same product different people different names for this reason, we combined these two concepts into one. By the way, the word poster (as well as display the word) is practically a household and often indicates a variety of products made for a variety of technologies. With that, a poster and display, as the term is used not only advertisers, but, for example, artists, designers, photographers, etc. The same can be attributed to the concept of "display". We are also interested in a poster or display as a product that stimulates the sale directly to the point of sale, ie, as POS.

Настольные дисплеи, мини-дисплей, настольный постер, баркета
Настольные дисплеи, мини-дисплей, настольный постер, баркета


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